ICA Board Elections 2018

The key to the success of ICA is to elect strong leaders. In 2018 ICA will offer its own election for those willing to take on the challenge of being a community leader.


A community leader not only has the greatest enthusiasm for their community, but can also organize, administrate, recruit, think creatively and progressively, multitask, and have a tireless amount of energy. The greatest leaders can delegate, facilitate, and achieve. It is up to ICA board members to lead in the mission of enhancing the Idlewood experience. Are you the one to make a difference for Idlewood?


The available position for candidacy in the coming 2018 elections are:

President    Vice President   Treasurer   Secretariat

In order to qualify to be placed on the ballot perspective candidates must:

  • Be a current member of the ICA and paid for the last two annual contributions

  • Be a resident of Idlewood holding principle residence within borders of the community for at least 18 months.

  • Be an active community member through participation in at least 3 ICA events

  • Attended at least 4 board member meetings within the past year

  • Attended at least two general meetings in the past 2 years.